Van Gogh/ Morandi


Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853. Just one week before his death in 1890, Georgio Morandi was born on July 21 in Bologna.

Morandi died on June 18, 1964.

One was Dutch; the other, Italian.

One feels like fire; the other, water.


Olive Orchard
Starry Night
Olive Trees with Yellow Sky
Village Street in Auvers
Self Portrait
Cypress and Star
For a period in our history of 111 years, we had these men among us.
Still Life, 1952
Still Life, 1960
Still Life, 1959
Still Life, 1953
Still Life, 1960
Still Life, 1951

Both of these painters devoted their attention to the pursuit of Truth and Beauty.

They are an inspiration to me.