he pace of our lives is fast and the demands on our time and energy seem to increase, taking us farther and farther away from what we really want to be doing. We find ourselves doing more of what we have to do and less of what we truly want to be doing. We often have the feeling of moving away from the spiritual areas of our lives.

Consider the idea of "whole-heartedness." What would you be like if everything you did were being done with all of your heart? What would you be like if you lived your life knowing that what you have chosen to do is in line with your destiny and purpose of being on this earth?

If creating a life that is whole-hearted and having big dreams is something you feel called to do, you might consider having a coach and spiritual director to assist you.

You might be interested in having me as your Coach/Spiritual Director because of my long experience in Men's Work, because of me experience in the 12-Step approach to life, because of my work as in Instructor at the Body Electric School in Oakland, and because of my work as the Founder of The Order of the Brothers of Mercy and The Holy Wisdom Monastery.

As your Coach/Spiritual Director I would be committed to helping you discover the Big Dreams of your life and to doing whatever is necessary to keep you on the path of your destiny.

Coaching for Couples

Many men who are in couples today have the experience of having lost an intimate connection with their partners. This loss happens for many reasons, including differing values, un-shared goals and dreams that are going in two directions. Lots of men have lost their physical/erotic connections with their partners. and seek this connection outside of the relationship.

Coaching for Couples is useful in all of the stages of couplehood:

1. The Beginning Stage or Courtship
2. Early Couplehood
3. Couples with a long history

In each stage, Coaching for Couples can be useful in seeking alignment in viewpoints, understanding and compassion for individual struggles, and for learning practices of Intimacy:

  1. Explore all of the basic areas that are addressed in Coaching:
    • Value Clarification
    • Goal creation based on value structure
    • Creation of Spiritual Sources of energy
    • Exploring the idea of individual destiny

  2. Explore the areas that are common to couples:
    • Alignment of shared values, goals, dreams, visions
    • Creation of new energy sources.
    • Practices of Intimacy

  3. Have the possible option of an Intimacy Coach.


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